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i don't really keep up with why celebs or viners or youtubers, etc, get hate but i see nash grier (i think i spelt that right) getting a lotttt of hate. do you know why? :)

He’s made multiple sexist/homophobic comments. The hate started when he told girls that they should shave and posted a ten minute video about what he preferred in girls instead of talking about how girls should always have confidence despite their decisions.

Second, he posted on twitter ‘Gay marriage? nah’ + uses the word fag quite a lot and said that HIV is only a gay thing.


i dont think nash deserves any of the hate he is getting like really he does have a right to his opinion. that doesnt mean you have to shape your views to what he likes. he can like what he wants. all he did was speak his opinion and thats fine.

my opinion is that Nash Grier is a piece of shit ok

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